Ving Tsun

The martial art for everyday fight

Ving Tsun “詠 春” is a Martial System of Strategic Intelligence – Kung Fu. It originated in China in the 18th century and became known worldwide as the only Kung Fu martial system founded by a woman, Yim Ving Tsun.

Fundamental Program of the Ving Tsun System

In order to introduce Ving Tsun in a more fluid and efficient way in the West, Senior Master Julio Camacho creates the Fundamental Program of the Ving Tsun System.

The Fundamental Program of the Ving Tsun System, present in all units of the Moy Jo Lei Ou Family, uses the basic concepts of the Ving Tsun System in studies of symbolic combat. Using this combat as a tool, practitioners begin to develop their own human potential as they become familiar with traditional Chinese martial art.

Experiential Program of the Ving Tsun System

Created by Patriarch Moy Yat and named by Grand Master Leo Imamura, Ving Tsun Experience is a martial experience program, aimed at the general public, where the practitioner experiences the natures of the levels of the Traditional System in an adapted and synthesized way, taking into account the demands of the modern world.

Senior Master Julio Camacho, based on the premise of his master’s Ving Tsun Experience, translated and presented it as the Experimental Program of the Ving Tsun System of the Moy Jo Lei Ou Clan.

Traditional Program of the Ving Tsun System

The Ving Tsun System is a means of enabling human development through physical martial experiences and the usage of strategic awareness, extended to the conduct and challenges of everyday life. With simple and sophisticated movements, Ving Tsun favors intelligence and strategy over strength.

The Ving Tsun System consists of 6 Domains: Basic Level; Intermediate level; Advanced level; Initial Higher Level; Higher Medial Level; Final Higher Level.

After completing the Traditional Program of the Ving Tsun System and going through the Master Titling ceremony, the practitioner becomes an authentic Ving Tsun Master.

In order to learn the Ving Tsun System, the practitioner must find a traditional school led by a Ving Tsun Kung Fu Master, with knowledge to guide the disciple on the correct path of art.